How to install PS VITA ISO Games

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Author: Team XPSVITA
Publish Date: Jul 02, 2013

Installing downloaded PS VITA ISO Files

So you've downloaded the PS VITA ISO file and Redeem code and now you are confused how to install ISO game to your PS VITA. Follow the steps carefully to install a ISO game in your PS VITA.

Things you'll need

  1. PS VITA Game ISO File and Redeem Code File (If you don't have those files please read How to download Free PS VITA ISO Games and download those files and then come back here.)
  2. PS VITA ISO Installer (By Team XPSVITA) already installed on your computer. (If you don't have those files please read How to install PS VITA ISO Installer)

Now you should have two files. Like in the picture above. (Names of the PS VITA ISO file and Redeem file may be different) Locate those file on your computer and keep them ready. :D

PS VITA ISO Game Lists

Installing PS VITA ISO Game

All right! Time for the thrill. Now open up your PS VITA Game Installer or PS VITA Game Injector by double clicking the desktop icon if you haven't done that already. Now follow.

  1. Connect the PS VITA with your USB Cable. If the PS VITA Game Installer does not find it, please unplug the USB cable and then plug it again.
    PS VITA ISO Installer - Connected
  2. Press the Browse files button to choose PS VITA ISO Game.
    PS VITA ISO Installer - Choose ISO
  3. Select the PS VITA ISO file you've downloaded before and press "Open".
  4. Now open the PS VITA Redeem code file and copy the redeem code by selecting it and pressing Cntrl + C.
    PS VITA ISO Installer - Redeem Code
  5. Now paste it on the text box against the "Insert Redeem Code". And press Redeem.
  6. Press the "Redeem" button. Your PS VITA ISO game information should be automatically loaded like you can see in the picture.
    PS VITA ISO Installer - ISO Activation
  7. Now the best part, press the "Inject" button.
  8. You will see the bar to fill up, please be patient and wait till the bar is full.
    PS VITA ISO Installer - Installing ISO Game
  9. After the PS VITA ISO has been successfully installed or injected the PS VITA ISO Installer will let you know by displaying a message. After that unplug your PS VITA, and voila, your PS VITA ISO game is there. The following shot shows PS VITA FIFA Soccer 13 after ISO Installing.
    Playing FIFA Soccer 13 after PS VITA ISO Injection

If you have problems

We've described the process as detailed as possible if you still have problems, please refer to our PS VITA Game Installer Troubleshooting Page. If you still have problems, put it down on comments, mail us, post on our facebook fan page (Look here for contact into) .


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