How to install PS VITA ISO Installer

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Author: Team XPSVITA
Publish Date: Jul 03, 2013

How to Install PS VITA ISO Installer

To install PS VITA ISO games in your console, you need the PS VITA ISO Installer. Here's how to install PS VITA ISO Installer.

Step 1: Download PS VITA Game Injecter

Team XPSVITA has published a tool called PS VITA Game Installer or PS VITA Game Injecter to make PS VITA ISO game installing process much simpler. So, first you have to download it, and no, you don't need to complete any a survey. :D

Download PS VITA Game Injecter Here.

PS VITA ISO Installer - Team XVITA

Step 2: Opening the PS VITA ISO Installer files

You need an .RAR extracting software to open PS VITA ISO Installer .Rar file. (If you don't have any, Download and install WinRAR) After you've downloaded the RAR file open the rar file by double click on it.

Step 3: Installing the PS VITA Installer

After you open the downloaded file with winrar --

  1. Disable your antivirus. (Since it is bypassing Default PS VITA Content Manager antivirus may cause interruption)
    PS VITA ISO Installer - Connected
  2. Double click on the setup.exe file.
  3. Click on "Install".
    PS VITA ISO Installer - Connected
  4. If it asks you to install .NET 4.5 install it (Click on "Allow" is Windows User Control pops up)
  5. Check on your desktop, there should be a icon like that. If it's there, you've successfully installed PS VITA ISO Installer
    PS VITA ISO Installer - Connected

Now that you've installed your PS VITA ISO Installer, check out How to install ISO games to PS VITA.


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