How to Hack PS Vita to Play FREE PS VITA ISO Games

Post Type: Hack
Author: Team XPSVITA
Publish Date: Jun 30, 2013


Hey guys, we all have been waiting for a way to play homebrews and iso on Sony's new handheld PS VITA, but unfortunately it's really hard to find a legit way to download and install PS VITA ISO Games. And most of the PS VITA Hacking Tutorials are quite confusing. So here's a guide on How to Install PS VITA ISO Games.


What actually happens

We know, there's been a lot of websites recently claiming to HACK" PS VITA, but truely PS VITA is not "HACKED" yet. Sony has really tightened up the security on their new console. But the trick we are going to show you DOES NOT REQUIRE to hack your PS VITA. It simply bypasses the content INJECTION check on PS VITA Content Manager which allows it to INJECT PS VITA ISO games to PS VITA memory. And once the ISO is on the memory it acts as if it is running from PS VITA Game Memory Stick since the ISO has been digitally signatured before injection with the REDEEM CODE.


Before you comment anything offensive and stupid, please check that you've totally followed each step carefully describe in this "How to PS VITA" Guide. If you have questions you're most welcome to put that below in the comments sections, we will answer you as soon as possible.

And About the Surveys

Another question that is bugging your mind for sure is about the surveys. Well, yes you do have to complete the surveys. Why? Sony won't allow us to giveaway free Redeem Codes. It's against their policy. But still, if you can't appreciate the fact that you are having a $50 worth PS VITA Game just for a 5 minute survey, please purchage original copies of the games and leave our site at once. We don't need to post any prove, still for your satisfaction, here's our PS VITA ISO Game Installer. Download it, if you don't really believe that we're not talking crap!

How to Install FREE PS VITA ISOs

Alright folks, now we are going to descibe all the steps one by one in detail and with pictures. :D

Click on each step and complete. :D To View the very first step Click Here.


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