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Developer: Key Publisher: Prototype
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Game Title: Rewrite
Release Date: Aug 28, 2014
Developer: Key
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Tennouji Kotarou is a high school student living peacefully in the eco-friendly city of Kazamatsuri. Previously keeping everyone he knew at a distance, he now wishes to live an ordinary high school life with a circle of close friends. However, due to the rapid development of mankind and its harsh impact on the environment, Earth stands at a crossroads with Kotarou and his friends standing in the middle of it.

The game's structure includes one common route and a unique chapter for each heroine, which one you get is determined by who you befriended the most in the common route. The game systems include interactive "mappie" sections where you're able to look around a map and select various points of interest and people to interact with or talk to. There's a "Friends" and "Quests" system that involves talking to various people and completing actions via the mappie sections and dialog choices. Upon completing each of the five main heroine's chapters, a set of new chapters open up, leading to the true ending.

Written by Romeo Tanaka, YĆ«to Tonokawa, and Ryukishi07

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